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NEQ6 Zero Backlash RA Worm Mount

NEQ6 Zero Backlash RA Worm Mount

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Rowan Astronomy

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Consisting of a CNC machined clear anodised housing and 'spring' loaded (kinematic) worm block including high quality SKF 628 bearings.

Setting the worm & worm wheel gear mesh on the EQ6 mount can be a difficult and time consuming task.
Usually a small amount of backlash remains as the setting is often a compromise due to the eccentricity of the worm wheel gear.
Spring loading the worm means the worm mesh is quick to set and completely eliminates backlash improving the tracking and pointing performance of the mount.
Zero backlash also means a close to perfect balance can be used.
The included 628 bearings are larger than the original factory fitted bearings providing smoother rotation of the worm under load.

Note: The mount must also be belt converted to use this upgrade.