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Adjustable Forend Mechanism.

Adjustable Forend Mechanism.

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Rowan Engineering

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The mechanism comes with one mounting if selected. The bottom of the mechanism may require an additional mounting depending on the installation. The Rowan shelf does not require a mounting as this bolts directly to the bottom end of the mechanism.
Please see section for additional mountings.

Adjustable T-rail mounting block.
Allows quick adjustment of the forend mechanism along the rail for different shooting stances and positions.
Supplied with a brass locking pad 1x soft tipped screw and 2x M5x6 socket cap screws.
Fits standard accessory rails - Steyr, Anschutz, Air Arms etc.

Short accessory T-rail mounting block.
For customers who don't require to regularly move the forend mechanism.
Supplied with 2 M5x6 socket cap screws. 36.0mm between centres.
Fits standard accessory rails - Steyr, Anschutz, Air Arms etc.

Additional flat mounting plate.
To allow the mechanism to be attached to a custom palm shelf or stock without accessory rails.

Picatinny Mount.
To allow fitting to rifles with Picatinny / Weaver rails.

Forend Shelf.
Photos show optional shelf available as an extra.