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HEQ5 Pro Belt Modification Kit

HEQ5 Pro Belt Modification Kit

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Rowan Astronomy

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This kit replaces the factory spur gear drive train with timing belts.
The pulley modification reduces the spur gear errors that are typical and therefore reduces tracking errors. The belts also make slewing much quiter eliminating the 'grinding' noise that the standard spur gears produce.

The pulley ratio is the same as the factory gears. This means the Synscan hand controller is unaffected by this upgrade. All Synscan functions will operate as before.

The kit comprises of -
2 x 47 tooth pulleys. 2 x 9 tooth pulleys.
2 x timing belts.
2 x intermediate rollers. 2 x 5mm mounting shafts.
1x 8mm white acrylic cover spacer + 6 stainless fixings.

An optional pinion extractor tool is available to allow
the pinion gear to be removed easily from the motor.