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AZ100 Alt-Az Mount. Encoders fitted+ DSC100. Slow-motion shafts.

AZ100 Alt-Az Mount. Encoders fitted+ DSC100. Slow-motion shafts.

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Rowan Astronomy

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CNC machined and black anodised finished and fitted with stainless steel hardware.
Specifications includes an 80.0 mm diameter 7075 aluminium wheel gear and brass worm gear in adjustable worm block.
32mm diameter 7075 aluminium axis shafts supported in high quality ball and taper bearings.
Features included adjustable friction clutches on both axis and 360 degree slow-motion controls allowing simultaneous push-to and slo-mo tracking.
High quality flexible slow motion cables included. Pair at 340mm & 440mm long. (Custom lengths available)
Both slow motion controls remain in alignment with the observer at all times.
Load capacity is 15-20 kg each side depending on scope length.
Mount weight : 8kg
Mount weight with 2 x DV saddles 9.8kg
Mount base has M12 tapped hole to attach to tripods.

Pre-installed Renishaw 152,000 step encoders with Rowan DSC100 digital setting circle controller.
The DSC100 provides a wireless connection to a phone or tablet to display the built in planetarium or connection to Sky Safari.
The DSC100 is supplied in a CNC machined aluminium enclosure, aluminium mounting bracket and 5-12vdc USB power converter cable. A separate 5Vdc USB power pack or 12Vdc power supply is required.
The encoder cables move with the mount and don't wrap or tangle in the Az-axis as the mount is moved.

Accessories and options -
Losmandy 'D' section saddle. 200m long with 2 clamps.
Dual Losmandy / Vixen section saddle. 200m long with 2 clamps. 16mm central thread for counter weight shaft.
Altitude adjusting plate - When using a 2 scope setup, both scopes can be set to the same pointing position.
Y-Axis balance plate- Allows good balancing when using a bino-viewer or heavy eyepieces.
3.75 Kg stainless steel counterweight 125mm diameter. 25mm hole.
Counterweight shaft. 25mm diameter Stainless steel with M16 thread for attachment direct to a Rowan saddle.
Counterweight shaft and mounting flange. Select this option if you're not using a Rowan saddle.