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Walther LGU & LGV Accessories

Adjustable Butt Pad Mounting Kit for LGU & LGV
LGU & LGV Butt Pad



Walther LGU Butt Pad 120.2 x 42.4mm

Walther LGV Butt Pad 120.6 x 44.1mm
lgu Butt Pad

The kit contains the necessary hardware to re-fit the existing
pad to give vertical adjustment.Please check your stock dimensions.
The stock should be approximately 1mm smaller in overall height
and width than the plate dimensions shown in the drawings.
It is recommended to remove the pad from the stock to measure accurately.
Details for fitting can be read here.
There is 40mm downward adjustment.
Larger photo of adjustable butt pad
fitted on a LGV rifle.

Adjustable Triggers for Walther LGU & LGV

Adjustable Trigger Natural Aluminium.
Adjustable Trigger

Natural Aluminium

Adjustable Trigger Black Anodised Aluminium.
Adjustable Trigger

Black Anodised

Adjustable Trigger Brass
Adjustable Trigger


Adjustable Trigger for Walther LGU & LGV Rifles.
Adjustable Triggers for Walther LGU & LGV.

Adjustable Triggers for Walther LGU & LGV.
The trigger kit comprises of :-
1 x trigger assembly.
1 x 2.0mm allen key
1 x 1.5mm allen key
1 x Fitting instructions.

Larger photo of adjustable trigger fitted on a LGU rifle.
The blade has 8mm forward / backwards, rotational and height adjustment.

LGU Cocking Lever Grip
LGU Cocking Lever Grip

Natural Aluminium.

LGU Cocking Lever Grip

Black Anodised Aluminium.

LGU Cocking Lever Grip


LGULever Grip
CNC machined in aluminium or brass.
Fits on to 14.85mm diameter or smaller cocking levers.
Fixed in to position with with 3 grub screws.
Larger photos showing the grip fitted to a Walther LGU Click here